Dimitri Annenkov

The painting rises from the brush strokes as a poem rises from the words. The meaning comes later. Joan Miro

Born in Moscow, Russia, Dimitri Annenkov graduated from the Academy of Arts (formerly the Institute of Arts).

As a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, he has exhibited and sold his work in Russia, Europe, Scandinavia and the United States.

Annenkov’s paintings are based on the study of Photo Realism and Impressionism. Light saturates his paintings, and he bases his compositions on familiar objects and treasured memories to create a distinct pantheon of references to the joy of life. The artist studies contrast and harmonies of color and textures to achieve a balance between animate and still forms. Like Cezanne, Annenkov is fascinated by the relationship of coloring and modeling.

Searching for the right objects can be a challenge, and he searches for quiet beauty in a simple setting.

It is with great pleasure that Thomas Charles Editions distributes the work of this talented and emerging artist to North America.