Alexey Alexandrovitch

Born – January 23, 1971

Where – Korolev (outskirts of Moscow), Russia

Like many other gifted artists, Alexey Alexandrovitch has been painting for as long as he can remember. From his humble beginnings as a pre-schooler painting on the kitchen floor of his parents’ one-bedroom apartment, Alexey displayed rare talent with pencils, paints and brushes.

His father, an artist himself, wanted to influence young Alexey in the most positive of ways. As often as possible, they would visit the world renowned Pushkin museum in Moscow. Together, they would spend entire Saturdays viewing the works of his favorites: DaVinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

In pursuing his dream to become a professional artist, Alexey the teenager began private studies in the studio of famed V.K. Petrov–Kirillov in 1984. After two years with Professor Petrov-Kirillov, he entered the Moscow College of Arts in 1986. He completed his studies in 1990.

This was a significant period of time in Russia. As Alexey began his college career, communist control placed an extreme regimen on what an artist could paint – mostly political, religious or military subject matters, in drab, somber colors.

Before Alexey graduated, however, the fall of communism provided an immediate and liberating force. Artists were finally free to explore new colors, new subject matters and new styles. The visual impact was explosive!

Wanting to benefit from this newfound freedom, Alexey continued his education at the Russian Academy of Art in 1991. His studies were under the supervision of Professor L.S. Hasyanova. In 1997, Alexey graduated with honors.

Upon graduation, Alexey was drawn to Paris. He visited this charming city over and over, researching its colorful past, in order to provide genuine authenticity in his historic oil paintings on canvas. Serving as the empire for artistic expression, Paris has played host to the likes of Picasso, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec and Hemmingway, inspiring their creativity. Much like them, Alexey has turned his personal experiences in Paris into thought-provoking creations.

As one views Alexey’s paintings, what stands out most are the endless mysteries and nostalgic feelings, similar to what we experience when looking through a family album. In his art, we discover a sense of belonging and a colorful sense of history, rooting us to the past.

Alexey’s art gives us a sense of attachment to the world, a continuity that is confirmed by all the details of a cityscape, with open doors, cracked walls, half-opened windows, a small chair in front of a café. The symbols produce in us a feeling of comfort and security, something of which we all dream of and long for.

Since 1998, Alexey has been a member of the Moscow Association of Artists. He currently lectures at the National High School of Design.

His works are in many private collections in Japan, India, Spain, France, America, Hungary, Germany and Russia.